Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 22 {BabyLegs Giveaway!}

I love BabyLegs! Both the product and the real things(nothing beats the real thing…especially if they are chubby!)

Anyway, i am giving away 4 pairs of these gorgeous BabyLegs Legwarmers. So cute on babies and young children. Eve has a pile of them and they are perfect for crawling on our floorboards and to keep her little legs warm. They look so cute with a fluffy cloth bottom too!




So, How do you enter?

Simple! Just leave a comment and let me know which you would like to win. The girl set or the boy. If you would like to be in the running for both please leave a comment for each.


  1. I would love the girl set for my grandaughter.

  2. Number one almost never wins, but just in case... I have two friends who've had babies in the last few days, and one friend due early next year, so it would be great to win a pair! A girls set would be perfect.

  3. We love baby legs here too.
    My eldest wears them as arm warmers, my middle wears them to cover her plaster cast on her arm and my littlest wears them as leg warmers. Love 'em. We'd love a chance to win the pair in the bottom photo.
    Have a happy weekend.

  4. They are cute- but we have NEVER owned any...maybe entering will make this baby come out? LOL

    I would love to enter for a *looks around and whispers* the blue pair with the green stars :-)

  5. I would love the boys set ... so cute!

  6. I love babylegs! The girl set would go perfectly at my house :D

  7. Oooh very sweet - would they fit a 2yo?? if so I'd love to be in the running for some girl ones.

  8. Arent they great - Would love to win a girls set please:)

  9. They're so gorgeous! I'd dearly love a boy's pair, I have a good friend who's going to bring a little son into the world any day now :-)



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