Monday, October 4, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 4 {Circle Skirt}

Do you have a favourite blog to read, one that you get all excited about when the page starts to load? MADE is that for me! I love the clothes she makes for her daughter and she shares many of these as tutorials or patterns. Don’t you love a generous blogger! I know it must take a while to get them together. My latest favourite is this circle skirt. Not sure that it would suit my shape but I know it would look ultra cute on my girls! So today as soon as i found the tutorial I drafted a pattern for each of my older girls. Unfortunately I don’t have any fabric I am happy with for this pattern so, alas I have to go shopping! Meanwhile my patterns will be waiting for the perfect fabric to arrive (loving the exchange rate at the moment!). Oh and you can dye some elastic to match for the waistband! How cool is that!




1 comment:

  1. Oh no! Not shopping!! How unfortunate! What a lovely blog you have. I look forward to following along :)



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