Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 3 {Carefree clothes for girls}

A month and a half ago it was my birthday. My husband asked for a list of possible gifts to buy me so I obliged and emailed him a huge list…the next day I received almost every thing on that list (yes I was very spoiled!). A few of those items were some gorgeous books I had been wanting for a while.


I love that I can buy a Japanese craft book….in English! i can understand the instructions(unlike the other ones I have).


I love this top…might not make it in such a light colour…my girls would have this stained in minutes! A lot of the projects in this book are in cream and white which I just wouldn’t go near for my girls. I think they could  just as easily be made in gorgeous colours too though.


I want this skirt for myself! I think it would look gorgeous with a print on the top layer and matching solid for the underlayers peeking out! Maybe one for one of my girls first and then one for me!


This gorgeous little scarf is made with all the scraps from the other projects in the book which I think is a great idea!


I think this little jacket with the scarf attached is such a great idea! No way of the kids loosing the scarf now!


So lots of inspiration…sadly nothing has been happening with my sewing machine for a couple of months now. It must be time to dust it off in honour of Blogtober!

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