Saturday, October 3, 2009


With all the excitement and planning of getting ready for my first market I have a few things that have been forgotten. This includes my housework but I am not going to post about that because I am sure none of you want to see photos of my dirty dishes and piles of washing that needs to be folded!


One forgotten project are some Oliver & S Sandbox Pants for Elsa. I made one pair and was really happy with them until I put them on her and the rise was HUGE! I then realised that the pattern caters for children still wearing nappies and Elsa isn’t so I cut out a size 18M-24M and just added length as this was the size that her hip measurement fitted into. I think I am about 70% through this pair but they haven’t been touched in a couple of weeks now!


Anyway here are some pictures of the first pair I made which are going off to a friends little girl. They are still to be hemmed and have buttons sewn on the back pockets but they are completed enough for me to blog I think.


  1. They are gorgeous! I love the apple fabric, and the denim shows it off nicely. What a shame they didn't fit your daughter. Looking forward to seeing the other pair.

  2. Oh they are so cute! I have this pattern on my wish list!

  3. I love these. What a gorgeous pattern. Well done.

  4. very cute - I love your taste in fabrics!

    Nic xxx



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