Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pretty little dresses and my new best friend!

In the last week I have sewn 5 little dresses as well as the skirt I posted about a few days ago and have finally settled on a design that I am happy with and that does take too long to sew. I decided to scrap the frill! I looked into getting a ruffler foot and i think I still will at some stage but for now I will stick to the simpler design of a contrast hem. I have also drafted the pattern for sizes 0-3 now and will stick to that for my sizing for the moment…the resizing takes too much brain power and time!

This little one is a size 1. Isla is kind of in between sizes at the moment so this one is a little too short but still wearable. I love this combo of fabrics and wish I had more!

This one is a size 3. Elsa is a just growing into a size 3 so it should fit her for the whole summer and even in cooler weather with a long sleeve tee and leggings.

Oh and I almost forgot to introduce my new best friend! She only arrived last night and I love her already. I used her to make the bias for the cherry dress and is was SO fast and no burned fingers! I just need to buy another rotary cutter (I have some how lost the one I had!) and everything will be a lot faster!


  1. Lovely dresses, totally love the combination of the fabrics as well. I haven't done bias binding yet, where did you get your best friend from. I love gadgets LOL

  2. I love these dresses. They are great. Fantastic little pattern.

  3. Hey Meika,
    Are you selling these? Can I order one off you. They look amazing


  4. Is this from the baby dress pattern on Etsy? Did you just make it bigger? Love them!

  5. Wow Meika!

    They are gorgeous!

    When are you going to start selling them? AND when will you have the time and energy for more sizes??? Can I order too? Pretty please?

    What exactly is your new best friend? Does that attach to the sewing machine?

  6. This is Aunti La/Lali/Loodles etc. Those dresses are gorgeous. I just love the fabric you have chosen. A classic, feminine yet modern, bit edgy and retro choice.

  7. The red one will be great for christmas!



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