Friday, October 9, 2009


My snap press is here! Horary! Boy is it heavy though! Carrying it to the car while pushing a double pram was a bit of an effort. I got there though. I spent last night snapping the bibs I have made so far and today I have a sore arm! I think I will build up muscles using the snap press. I am very happy with it although it did take a few goes to work out that I really needed to push the leaver down with all my strength to get them to push together properly so that they will actually snap!


  1. When you push down on the lever, I tend to bounce a little on it (to make sure it snaps them properly!) I also do it on the floor or a low table so it is taking my full weight ;)

    I love your bibs! I was in a flap to make some for a friends baby shower - found an old pair of jeans & wolah! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Meika! You are a star. the bibs are fantastic! They will sell like hot cakes :-)



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