Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Linen dress and the missing photo

Ok so the two are not related…well kind of I guess as I used one to make the other, but I wanted to get that photo of my new toy to share and I also wanted to share what I made yesterday.


So here she is. Nothing fancy but she does the job. I have to admit I am a little scared of having to rethread her but I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

I made this little linen dress yesterday from a pattern from I Think Sew on Etsy. It was a quick easy pattern apart from the ruffle. That seemed to take me forever! Oh and making the bias is a little time consuming too.

I am thinking of making more of these to sell at the market so I am looking for ways to make the whole process a little faster and easier. So I  am after opinions and advice on Bias Tape Makers and also on a Ruffler foot. Do you have either of these? Do you like them? Any other advice/info?


  1. Meika, I have no idea about the ruffler, but definitely get some bias tape makers. Make sure you get the good clover ones. The Birch ones are completely hollow inside, but the clover ones have a plastic bit on the inside that helps guide the tape properly.

  2. What a beautiful little dress - i definately think they would sell well at the markets! Have fun with your new toy!!!

    Nic xxx

  3. Meika I have a couple of bias tape makers and they definitely make it much easier to make the tape. (Clover for me too)
    That said is that fabric a stretch fabric (not sure from the pic??), if so I haven't used a tape maker for stretch so not sure how it would work.
    Sweet top though Meika and love the new toy.

  4. With the ruffle - my mum told me to use crochet cotton and zig zag over the top, tie a knot in one end and pull it through the other end, ruffling the fabric as you go, once it's ruffled, attach it to your garment. Busy sewing at it's best ;)

  5. HI Meika,
    I had an overlocker lesson at the Janome shop here, and you can actually create a ruffled effect with the overlocker! It's a matter of changing the tension... I have a 'cheat sheet' for a standard 4 thread overlocker for various techniques, so will scan it and send it to you.

  6. It's beautiful. I am sure it will sell very well.



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