Monday, October 19, 2009

Shirring with Linen

I know! I have been slack! I did have major doubts that I could post every day for a month and I have already missed a couple of days! Oh well I will keep going and hopefully still post most days! (Sorry about all the exclamation marks)

Anyway, I actually came on here to show you all my little shirred skirt. I made another pretty much the same way as I made the flowered one last week but I discovered (which I should have known) that linen does not shirr to the same extent as quilters cotton fabrics. So basically I ended up with a skirt which would have fit a 12 year old around the waist but still at a 1 year old length which would not be a great look! Anyway I just over locked the edges off and made it smaller. Not the most professional look but it looks cute on and hopefully it will last a little while anyway!

Oh and I also made another one out of the quilters cottons too!


  1. These are both just adorable! I too am getting addicted to skirt sewing at the moment.

  2. too cute. the shirring is so sweet.



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