Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shirring Tutorials

I have been thinking about making a little skirt with a shirred waistband. Like the tops I guess but without the straps of course! So I have been off looking for a good tutorial on Shirring. I have seen a few in my general blog reading and have noticed that they each seem to give a little bit of different information so here is the list of Shirring Tutorials I have found in the past few day. Take your pick! I think I will be using a little bit from a few of them!


Shirring Madness – Portobello Pixie – I like how this one is finished off as you go. When I first tried shirring there was a lot of adjusting and tying off to do at the end and it was a big job.

Pretty Ditty Shirring Tutorial – I like the elastic casing up the top of this one.

Kuky Ideas Shirred dress tutorial – Has instructions on measurements for garments

Your Fabric Place, How to sew with elastic thread - A bit of info on the different stitches you can use to shirr

Pink Fig Shirring Tutorial

Little Girls Shirred Sundress – Sewing Chick


There are HEAPS more out there too but these are just a few I have found more recently. I will hopefully have a little shirred waist skirt to share in the next few days!


  1. Perfect timing thank you ... I bought shirring elastic a few days ago ... this is on my happening soon list.

  2. Awesome timing, I want to make a shirred dress for my wee one this summer :) Great links

  3. Thanks for all your shirring inspiration. I have some shirring elastic and am ready to go but haven't tried it as yet! I love the linen one in your more recent post as well - pity it doesn't work as well as with cotton. I love linen so much!



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