Monday, October 12, 2009

The not so successful photo shoot

Mummy: Elsa would you please put on this skirt that mummy made so I can take some photos?

Elsa: Yes, and can I dance to music?

Mummy: If you like

(Mummy puts skirt on Elsa and a new t-shirt that isn’t stained and messy!)

Mummy: Elsa can you please stand over here so mummy can take a photo?

Elsa: No

Mummy: Elsa can you please sit on the step so mummy can take a photo?

Elsa: No

Mummy: Elsa please come back!

Elsa: No

Mummy: Don’t take it off I haven’t taken a good photo yet!

(Elsa runs off to play minus the skirt)

(Mummy takes some photos of the skirt minus the child)

Isla: Me wear Pretty?

Mummy: Yes Honey you can wear the skirt…Oh dear it is a bit big!

(Isla pulls skirt up over her head to make it stay on)

Mummy: Where’s Isla?……Peek a boo!

(Isla also takes skirt off…Photo shoot over)

Details: Skirt made with the full width of fabric and I think it would be a size 3-4. 12 rows of shirring about 1/3 inch apart. I am planning on attaching some cloth covered buttons in matching fabrics as an embellishment on the waist band. (I have ordered lots of sizes from here)


  1. looks great! LOVE the little photoshoot story - so cute.

    Nic xxx

  2. Love it! Great skirt, too, may even try it myself!

  3. That is a beautiful skirt, love the photo shoot :)

  4. meika! The skirt is beautiful. Love the photos...... Elsa really has learnt the word No! lol :-)

  5. What a great little skirt - cute photos and wonderful story - lol - what a mother goes through to get a nice photo of there creation:)



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